After a year, it’s about time.

It has been over a year since I first enrolled in school. I made the dean’s list while taking 14 credit hours and working full time; for me that was an accomplishment. This last semester was a little rough, calculus was brutal, and working with the nuances of networking was challenging, but I made it through, and passed both classes ( I won’t say what I passed calculus with…) I’m taking this summer off to find my motivation again, take some time to reflect and find some purpose. I missed doing this, missed keeping up with my blog, but life calls and sometimes things fall by the wayside. Yesterday I rode my bike for 14 miles, it’s the most I have ridden in the past year maybe, I love riding my bike, and that ride was a reminder of that feeling, the feeling of the wind, the air, the rush of riding in traffic. This summer I plan to keep up a little more, keep up the riding, keep up the blogging, keep up the personal space; before the deluge of Fall responsibilities come raining down. Wish me luck, because I am wishing you the best, and hopefully we all succeed in our respective journeys.