Staturday – The Economic Benefits of Bicycling


As the upcoming election is fueled by talks of the economy, it’s time to start taking a different look at how to rebuild America. The previous model has proven unsustainable, and has led us to the troubles we’re in today. It’s time to get back to basics.

The map below, courtesy of The League of American Bicyclists, charts the economic benefits of bicycling throughout the U.S. The numbers are staggering, and proves that this isn’t just child’s play like most think. It also disproves that people in colder climates don’t ride bikes, therefore we should continue to only make streets for automobiles.

Stat: In Wisconsin (yep the state just above our head’s here in Illinois), bike recreation and tourism contribute $924 million annually to the economy. Annual health benefits total $409 million (2010.)

To find out more on how to make your city more bike-friendly go to:

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