HEY GUYS! I hadn’t put anything up on Soundcloud (or on this blog) in awhile, so I thought I’d remedy that right quick and drop a couple quick bangers on you from this stash I was unknowingly amassing over here. FIRST UP: I did a Justin Timberlake Remix. I know there’s a whole lot ov those out there right now, but they’re all ov the same 2 songs. Perhaps people haven’t listened to the whole album? It’s damn good, and there’s quite a few great songs on there that people seem to be missing. Case in point; “Don’t Hold The Wall”, very exciting danceable song with cool, ethnic-sounding percussion and all that jazz.. I take the vocal intro, and some other facets here and there, and basically try to make a remix with minimal sampling, and maximum creativity / vibe. So here you have it, free download for you lovelies.

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